Shit happens

Dehydration, electrolyte imbalance and energy loss. Use pectin-based products to rebuild the intestinal gills (intestinal villi) and bowel wall. Use electrolytes for prevention and easing digestive problems. Utilize leftover and surplus milk by the use of Milk Acidifier.



Pectin and electrolyte-based dietary supplement for calves, piglets and lambs. Forms a mucus film on the inside of the intestines, restoring electrolyte balance. Can be used with milk.
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Electrolyte-based dietary supplement for calves, piglets and lambs. Recovery of electrolyte balance, encapsulated essential oils, vitamin C and iron compounds.
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Based on essential oils and electrolyte – suitable for calves. 10 doses per pack. 1 dose directly in the throat – fast, easy, alternative.
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Electrolyte based energy booster for new calves. Served in a large tub. Electrolyte, milk, hydration, energy, quick start after calving = Cow-UP!
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A48 Triple™

Milk acidifier for own milk, residual milk and milk substitutes. Supports the digestive system and lowers pH quickly.
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What is your strategy?

We have prepared a system that will guide you to choosing the right strategy for diarrhoea and electrolytes. If you need advice and guidance, please don’t hesitate to contact us

DiaGonePectin and electrolyte-based treatment used for the prevention and treatment of diarrhoea. Used with milk feeding (continuous feeding) or in clean water.Calves / lambs and pigs: 1 measuring cup (50 g) in milk portion, or pure water, twice daily for 1-3 days. Top dressing on feed for piglets: 1 measuring cup (50 g) per litter spread over feed or mixed with water / milk: 1 g per kg body weight.Supports the natural intestinal flora, continued energy supply, restoration of intestinal villi / fibroids by creating a mucus film on the inside of the intestines.Easy to stir, tasty.
Dietary electrolyte feed supplement. Recovery of electrolyte balance in treatment, or prevention of diarrhea. Can be mixed with milk.Dissolve 40 grams of Alpha-LYTE per liter of lukewarm water, or milk, for all animal groups. For piglets, Alpha-LYTE can be used during the lactation period as required or as a preventative during weaning or relocation / delivery of pigs.Less fluid loss (dehydration), less susceptibility to diarrhea risk.Easy to stir, tasty – affordable per treatment (replaces Beta-LYT).
Alternative and quick method for individual treatment of calves in treatment and prevention of diarrhoea. Based on essential oils and electrolytes.Apply 1 dose with the needle-less plastic syringe directly down the calf’s neck (avoid misalignment). 10 doses per pack.Fast-acting.
Electrolyte supply for new calves in connection with calving.Dissolve 600 grams of Cow-UP in 20 liters of water at approx. 35 degrees. Presented to the cow in large tub or bucket, immediately after calving (subsequent supplements with free access to clean water ad libitum).The electrolyte balance is quickly restored and the cow is back to normal quicker after calving.Tasty. Affordable per treatment.
A48 TripleAcidifying leftover, surplus and milk substitutes.A48 is mixed into the milk or milk substitute immediately before allocation. Calves and lambs, use 5-8 grams of A48 per 10 liters of milk (if necessary, dissolve A48 in 1L of milk first).
Strengthen the animals’ ability to digest protein and fat. Supports the digistive system and lowering of pH.Addeded Natural Vitamine E.