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Through an advanced manufacturing process, a mixture of active substances is bound and protected in a dry and easily dispensable product. Slow Release of Organic Acids and Plant Extracts is a real alternative and supplement to the use of antibiotics and medicinal zinc.

The product range is suitable for combating salmonella problems.


SR Acid-Proactive Dry™

Sows, piglets, and poultry
Contains, in addition to organic acids, natural water and fat soluble antioxidants from plant extracts. Used where medicinal zinc is to be phased out by piglet feeding.
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SR Acid Dry™

Sows, piglets, and slaughter pigs. Pure organic acid mix that is released slowly as the product moves forward in the intestinal tract.
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What is your SR Acid strategy?

We have prepared a system that will guide you to choosing the right SR Acid strategy for your livestock. If you need advice and guidance, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

SR Acid-Proactive DrySlow Release effect of organic acids and plant extracts. An alternative to phasing out of medical zinc, improves feed efficiencyMix feed with dosage depending on animal group (piglets, poultry), and health status / purposeStabilization of the gastrointestinal tract, increased feed intake, higher feed utilisation and greater growthEconomic solution.
SR Acid DrySlow Release effect of organic acids. Lowering the risk of Salmonella in sow and piglet groups. Improves feed efficiencyMix feed with dosage depending on animal group (sows, piglets and finishers) and health status / purposeImproved health status, stabilization of the gastrointestinal tract and better feed utilisationEconomic solution.