Scagro A/S at NutriFair, 16-17th January 2019, Stand A-1204

Scagro launches two new “acid and fat” updates at NutriFair 2019 in Fredericia: A newly developed series of dry acid products for pigs is marketed under the title: “Slow release”; A new bypass fat product for organic dairy cows, marketed under the title: “NRG Organic Fat – it’s not just fat”

Slow release

The term “Slow release” (SR) refers to the fact that two effective organic acids, by way of a special production technique, are “embedded” in a carrier. Thereby, the release of the acids is withheld and the effectivity increases later in the gut. It is an advantage when it comes to the problem of Salmonella, and, not least, reduction of zinc use.

The product range is started with SR Acid Dry, as well as the additionally enhanced version SR Acid-PRO Dry. The range is tailored for piglets, sows and slaughter pigs. We expect that it will also be possible to use SR Acid Dry for organic pigs.

Fat for organic dairy cows

Until recently, it has been impossible to obtain rumen-protected fat (rumen-bypass) for organic dairy cows. The palm-based products are difficult to approve, but now in the US, we have found a product that is based on organic soya products.

The fat range with the main product NRG Organic Fat, focuses on higher (longer lactation curve) milk yield, improved reproduction and conditions – rather than fat percentage in the milk.

We look forward to talking about both acid and fat products with customers – will we see you at NutriFair 2019 on Stand A-1204?

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