High protein animal nutrition solution

From Dutch Avebe – the world’s largest processor of potato-based products for food and feed purposes. Scagro A / S is the agent for Avebe in the Scandinavian feed market. Ask your feed supplier whether potato protein concentrate or Protastar® is used.

Some see potato, we see potential. What do you see?


A refined potato protein concentrate, with low ash content, extraordinarily high protein digestibility, and high content of essential amino acids. Protastar® is typically used in compound feed for young animals – such as prestarter and the subsequent mixture for piglets. Protastar® can, due to its extremely low content of ANF’s (Anti-Nutritional Factors) and low levels of (naturally occurring) “glycoalkaloids”, incorporate higher mixing rates than ordinary potato protein concentrate. The glycoalkaloid content of potatoes is often only defined as Solanin – but another important substance is Chaconin. Total content (TGA) of these two is distributed with approx. 40% Solanin and 60% Chaconin.

It is therefore not enough to analyse for content of Solanin