At Scagro A/S, it’s not JUST about Zinc alternatives

At this year’s NutriFair trade show Scagro focuses, amongst other things, on reduced feed consumption, higher growth, water intake, hygiene, iron, OUA, salmonella – and, of course, zinc.

 Positive test results of the Slow Release Acid concept

Scagro’s SR Acid concept was introduced at NutriFair ’19 and has been tested practically over the summer; partly as compensation for zinc, but also as an effort in salmonella-challenged livestock. “Already at the introduction of the concept, we had expectations of increased feed intake, reduced feed consumption per kg of growth – and higher daily growth. The trials with this have yielded positive results, which will be shown at NutriFair ”, says Sales Manager, Ivan Pedersen.

Scagro has also tested zinc replacements, along with a DRINK-Acid product that raises water and feed intake in the first critical period after weaning.

Go all the way

At Scagro, there is a belief in the multi-factored approach throughout. “We cannot change factors such as housing conditions, temperature, machine designs, eating areas, and humidity in the stalls – but we can contribute a product strategy that achieves even better results under the given conditions,” asserts Scagro A/S. At this year’s NutriFair trade show, Scagro puts forward how the company’s products can play a vital role in the process from gestation, to slaughter pigs. Not surprisingly, it starts with hygiene and drying – for that reason, Scagro introduces a new product: PiggyDRY – which is an effective product for the piglet pen.

Make a good anniversary deal at NutriFair

Two well-known Scagro products celebrate their 15th and 20th anniversaries respectively in 2020. The dry hygiene product ScanHYG came on the market 15 years ago. The iron supplement Agro-FER has been involved from the beginning of Scagro’s 20-year feed history, “without rusting”, and is still going strong. Both products can be ordered at NutriFair with an anniversary discount.

We look forward to meeting you

As usual, there is the opportunity to “increase your own feed intake” at the Scagro booth, so drop by, get a refresher, and talk about a strategy for your livestock. At the same time, experience the creepy prospect of being “acidified the slow way”, claims a rather mischievous Scagro team. At the stand you can take a dumbbell home for weighing your piglets. In one corner you can surf around our new website in peace and quiet, or take part in our pig-throwing competition.

See you at booth A-1204

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