We have not YET solved the Zinc challenge, BUT…!

Updated trials on the use of the SR Acid concept versus medicinal Zinc – performed on livestock March-April 2019

After 6 weeks in the weaner unit:

  • Test groups weight gain 15% higher
  • Feed consumption 0.17 kg less kg feed / kg weight gain.
  • Economic index of 111.2


At NutriFair 2019, we introduced a concept based on the binding and protection of organic acids and plant extracts. The initial experiments showed good results and we have worked further, challenging the product to extremes under practical use. The results obtained under these conditions have been interesting, although we – not surprisingly – have to ascertain that simply throwing zinc out the window is not so easy. However, at the same time positive side effects have been the relatively good results against diarrhoea.

Increased growth and reduced feed consumption per kg gain

Previous tests had shown increased efficiency and better production economy – and this has been confirmed in the new trials. Medicinal zinc was removed from the starting feed for piglets for the first 14 days in the control stables. There was also a reduction in acid content added to the feed, replaced instead with the addition of Scagro’s SR Acid-Proactive concept.

The results for growth and feed consumption can be seen above. When we combine the somewhat lower price of the feed with SR Acid-Proactive, compare it to the price of zinc-based feed, and factor in the lower feed consumption and better growth, the end result is an economic index of 111.2, which has to be said, is very promising.

To ensure that the results are consistent, the experiment is being repeated. At the time of writing, the pigs have been in trials for 4 weeks, and the results are similar to the first trial round.

The Next Step

There is no doubt in our minds that we have something interesting. We have achieved approximately the same diarrhoea frequency, reduced feed consumption, increased growth, and fed the pigs cheaper – and not used zinc.

However, there is a need to protect the piglets better during the first 48 hours after weaning, when the piglets’ feed intake is relatively low.

Therefore, we aim to reinforce the efforts during the first 48 hours with a new initiative, with the goal being to reduce the need for medical treatment to half the previous requirement (all with 2,500 ppm zinc!)

Not using zinc gives benefits

If you do not use zinc, you get the freedom to continue feeding in the farrowing pen, for example, provided the pigs have not reached the weight/age that requires a change to mixture 2.

It can be beneficial and aid the pigs’ progress – that compound feed 1 is more expensive, can be offset by better overall efficiency. It is an individual assessment with each herd that one has to consider.

We look forward to presenting more results. If you want to be purchase right now, please contact us for a livestock profile. Then we can formulate a program that can take on your challenge.